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AXIS is an organization dedicated to helping you, as parents, tackle tough topics together, one conversation at a time.


Graphic Design: Here are some graphics sources to use on social media, posters, presentation slides, etc.

  • (free design platform, super user friendly)

  • (royalty free photographs)

  • Global NYI & USA/CANADA NYI posts graphics and stories to their social media platforms that you can share to your own social media platforms (no need to reinvent the wheel)

Devotional Material:  Here are some devotional resources to help our teens grow in their walk with God.

  • The Foundry is the Nazarene online resource and publisher with resources for all ages.

  • Jesus’ Calling is a daily devotional book that teens might find impacting and can read in sync/coordination with other teens or adults.  

  • -The Fruit of the Spirit is A 7 Week virtual small group led by Dr. Jesse Middendorf on Facebook Live 4 pm PST click here.
    -The Bible Project is offering a weekly video, discussion, and questions during this season.   Click to Sign Up for the Newsletter or simply check out the First Newsletter.

  • Trevecca Kingdom Come Curriculum has been released as a fully online resource for groups that need something to study with their people that's easy and immediate.

Digital Connection Tools:  Here are some tech tools to help you connect with somebody on your smart phone, tablet, or computer:​

  • Facetime if you both have iPhones is as easy as clicking the video icon when you make a call

  • Google Duo is a video call app that works across all Apple and Android phones

  • Google Hang-outs it’s good for 1 on 1 or small groups of people to have a video conference call

  • Skype is an established video calling program

  • Discord is a tool for voice, messaging, and video conferencing/presenting that could be great for 1 on 1 or small groups.

  • Conference Voice Calling can usually be done by calling the first person and then clicking the + icon to add a second person, or clicking the “merge” icon if you get a second call.

  • Group Text Messaging on your phone can be done with lots of people and is great for short messages like prayer requests.

  • Remind App is a way to stay connected with your people and share resources.

  • Flocknote is a mass messaging tool especially geared towards churches and non-profits.  

  • Zoom is a powerful group video streaming presenter that allows lots of options including non-presenters to contribute via the video &/or comments section.

  • Facebook Live or Instagram Live allow a person to speak to and be seen by a large public group and allow conversation from the participants in real-time via comments.  

  • Facebook Watch Party allows a group of people to watch a video or playlist of videos at the same time.  They can also comment about what they’re watching in real-time.  You can start a watch party by choosing the watch party as the type of post and going from there.

  • Facebook Watch Party Premiere is a watch party with the addition of having a preset start time and invitations sent out.

  • Stuff You Can Use is a youth ministry facebook community where ideas, strategies, prayer requests, and more are shared among hundreds of denominations of over forty thousand youth workers.

  • Nazarene Youth Pastors in Ministry is also a facebook community, this one geared specifically toward youth workers in the Nazarene denomination.

Digital Sharing Tools:  Tools to help coordinate and share documents and files with others

  • Vimeo allows you to share larger, higher quality videos you recorded with others.

  • Rend Collective has had a worship resource available

  • Youtube has some great worship videos that can help keep you connected to God as a part of your devotional time.  

  • Google Docs are great ways for multiple people to easily view &/or collaborate on documents simultaneously that are shared with each other privately or can be made public.  It works very similar to and is compatible with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etc.). 

  • Dropbox is a great way to share files large or small and collaborate on certain documents from your own computer.

  • Small Groups Church software allows you to establish and coordinate small groups for your youth ministry or larger church.

Youth Group Games:

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